As part of each student’s program of study, I provide various exercises for developing technique on the instrument: warm-ups, drills, exercises, etc. These are available for free on my blog – please help yourself and print as needed.

I also find that students benefit greatly from exercises that help them learn the names of the notes in a fun, engaging way. I highly recommend the website Music Fun, especially for their Treble Clef Note Names (for trumpet and horn players) and Bass Clef Note Names (for trombone, euphonium/baritone, and tuba players).

Low brass players especially need lots of help learning bass clef, as they haven’t been exposed to it much before starting in band (unless they’ve been previously learning piano). Additional bass clef note-naming games can be found at the Making Music Fun! website, where I recommend their Let’s Crossword! and CodeMaker! worksheets.